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Welcome to K.B. Dental Clinic

Get your smile back and enjoy life more.

This clinic is equipped with all the latest treatment facilities. We have an internet link to facilitate discussion of cases with specialists abroad, if required. The team of doctors and staff working here are highly qualified and dedicated. We maintain computerized records of all patients facilitating easy access to complete patient information.

The staff working here undergo periodic training programs to update their knowledge concerning advances in the field of dentistry and allied sciences.

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Committed to Quality & Safety

Dental clinic is committed to delivering the highest quality and safest care possible for every patient.

Partnering with Community

Collaborates with communities to address some of our toughest health problems and promote change.

Care through Research

Research Institute is built on a culture of excellence, compassion and groundbreaking scientific.

Dental Services

A bright, white smile can make you look good and feel great. Our patients who have experienced the tooth whitening .... Read More »
Composite resin filling is placed in the back teeth as well as the front teeth. Composites are the solution for restoring ... Read More »
Teeth can be lost due to a variety of reasons like decay, gum disease, injury, neglect, medical and congenital problems. Read More »
The indication for a crown is when a tooth is damaged extensively and reconstruction with a filling, an inlay, or a veneer is no longer possible. Read More »
If teeth, which cannot be saved, are extracted then they have to be replaced at the earliest possible to maintain esthetic..... Read More »
Root canals are the narrow, hollow passages inhabited by nerve tissue and blood vessels, among other things, located.... Read More »
The clinic has two state of art ultrasonic scalers (swiss ems) for efficient maintenance of oral hygiene. Ususally cleaning requires ...... Read More »
Gum disease refers to inflammation of the soft tissue (gingiva) and abnormal loss of bone that surrounds the teeth and holds them in place... Read More »